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I’d like to introduce a new, self-published Guide to Reading Tarot Cards with Canadian and Christian References, available as a .pdf download for just $5.

My name is Kathryn Tisdale.  Last year I worked with author James C. Mays to update his 1997 Guide to Reading Tarot Cards and to produce a revised edition for 2010.

The original plan was for James to promote the new edition on a website he intended to launch; one where he’d offer articles about Tarot with his unique Christian and Canadian perspectives — and where he’d make the new Guide to Reading Tarot available for sale for $10 per download.

Unfortunately, life being what it is sometimes, James has has not been able to launch his site.  As a result, sadly, no-one anywhere has had an opportunity to use and enjoy this special book.

I’d like to change that.  I can’t possibly replace James’s understanding of the topic and would never try to include any kind of Christian commentary about anything because that’s just not my thing… but I can at least make the book available and can do it at a discounted price of $5 per download (Canadian funds), payable through Paypal.

More about the book

James wrote his original book based on a wealth of experience.  He has read Tarot cards for more than 30 years and even had his own phone-in Tarot radio show in Montreal in the 1990s.

Our new edition of his 1997 book includes much of his original material, polished with added graphics and diagrams while retaining James’s clear and original interpretations of each card in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck.  The book also includes three of his favourite Tarot spreads, an expanded section of general information about Tarot, a number of handy reference charts and  some Astrological information as it relates to Tarot.

Also, as the title promises, are some Christian and biblical references for a few cards, as well as several Canadian place names and career references.

The result is a true original book.

To see more about what the book looks like, visit the About the Book page

To place an order, visit the page linked here: Order the Book.

More about the Christian and Canadian references

The specific Canadian and Christian references are not too numerous, and while they do make the guide more helpful to either group, the content is still useful and accessible to everyone else.

It might be interesting to know that I was originally against including the biblical and Christian references, but James insisted they go in and now I realize it really does help make the book unique.  I was always enthusiastic about the Canadian content.  As a nationalist, I love every Canadian place name, professional reference and spelling included in the book.

This book is also LGBT friendly.


Specifications:  The book is in colour and is 66 pages.  It will print 8.5 x 11 inches, landscape orientation and is designed to be bound on the short side.  I’ve had my personal copy coil-bound with a clear front cover.  Photos are available on the About the Book page